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Recent Updates

I feel hounoured to be part of this powerful project amplifying women’s voices & leadership in academia. Glad to contribute my chapter on “Law, Equality and Entrepreneurship Through a Gendered Lens: Bridging the Gap Between Academia, Legislature and Politics” for this global collection, alongside 11 incredibly talented women academics from Australia to Canada! 

Click here for a preview of the book Critical Reflections and Politics on Advancing Women in the Academy.

Thrilled to share that  my nomination story has been featured in a recently released book “Women on the Ballot: Pathways to Political Power” alongside many trailblazing women in Canadian politics from former Prime Minister Hon. Kim Campbell to Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. Please join me and author Dr. Betsy Mcgregor for an upcoming launch event/panel that I am organizing on September 23rd with two prominent Hamilton politicians - former Deputy Prime Minister Sheila Copps and Ontario Opposition leader Andrea Horwath!


Details at: https://womenontheballot.com/…/20…/9/23/book-launch-hamilton


Passion has always been a driving force in my life. It was my passion for academia that helped me earn a Ph.D in Urban Geography as a young girl. It was my passion for entrepreneurial growth that drove me to run successful businesses in the Hamilton area for over 19 years, while raising my family. Now, it is my passion for social justice, civic engagement, community partnerships and inclusivity that has led me to seek nomination as the Federal Liberal Candidate for Hamilton Mountain.


Over the past 25 years, I have called Hamilton my home in many respects. I have raised both my daughters here and successfully ran businesses in the jewellery industry in Hamilton and surrounding areas for almost two decades before returning to my original love of academia at McMaster University in 2010 for a second Masters in Globalization. In terms of experiences, I have been lucky enough to try my hand at various things from a young age. From channeling my athletic side with a position on my college-level basketball team, to completing my Doctorate in Urban Geography while also teaching university level courses, to being a Director of a corporation that owned and operated multiple businesses while simultaneously being a mom  - it has been an interesting journey. 

Grassroots & Volunteer Work

  • As a passionate social justice advocate, I sit on the board of directors for a few non-profit organizations including: 

    • Neighbour to Neighbour Hamilton - A multi-service organization on the Hamilton Mountain dedicated to providing programs and services for poverty alleviation, education assistance, nutritional support, settlement services and community couselling

    • Ontario Council for International Cooperation - A community of Ontario-based international development, global education, and individual members working globally for social justice and realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • My passion for community engagement also stems from having been a dedicated member to organizations such as:

    • Hamilton Organizing for Poverty Elimination (HOPE)​

    • Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum Expansion Fundraising Committee 


Involvement with the Local Liberal Riding Associations

  • To stay politically engaged, I have been working with the local Liberal Riding Associations for a number of years in the following fundraising and executive roles: 

    • VP Fundraising and Executive for the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Federal Liberal Association (Held riding for MP Filomena Tassi, Honourable Minister for Seniors)

    • Fundraising Chair for the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Provincial Liberal Association (MPP Ted McMeekin's Campaign Team)

    • Director at Large for the Hamilton Mountain Federal Liberal Association

  • In these roles, I successfully capitalized on exceptional fundraising opportunities through community partnerships, donor relationships and event planning

  • I was also able to strengthen my political awareness and public engagement skills by attending various events including both the Liberal Party of Canada Convention in Halifax and the Ontario Liberal Party Convention in Toronto

Business Experience

  • For almost two decades, while raising my two daughters, I was also the President of Richa Enterprises Inc., a private corporation that owned and operated businesses in the jewellery and luxury goods industry in Hamilton and surrounding areas

  • I gained an in-depth understanding of small business operations:

    • Developed and implemented action plans to create new initiatives for the businesses to increase profits

    • Promoted the businesses effectively to the local communities through extensive planning and results-driven marketing strategies

    • Instilled fair workplace policies to benefit employees and create an inclusive work environment, thereby enhancing proficiency and productivity



Academic Accomplishments, Awards and Publications

  • I have been teaching at York University's Law & Society program since 2012, while completing a research fellowship focusing on global social justice, law and public policy reforms

  • As an educator, I have gained the unique ability to connect with and understand the needs of youth while also inculcating dynamic leadership skills in them and promoting a strong work ethic 

  • During my time at York University, I was also fortunate enough to receive:

    • Helena Orton Memorial Award - Awarded by Osgoode Hall Law School for a research work that explores relationships between law and social equality, with particular reference to workplace issues of benefit to women

    • Penelope Jane Glasser Award - Awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to a candidate returning to academia from a work or family career with a research  focus on interdisciplinary fields such as education and social inequalities

  • For the past 2 years, I have been a regular presenter at the Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium, a global academic platform and conference in Oxford, UK that brings together a group of participants who share their academic research from all corners of the world, giving me an opportunity to travel and widen my research horizons

  • My publications include:



My journey with the Liberal Party of Canada started at the Hamilton Mountain Federal Executive, and this is where my passion for politics first began to thrive. After steering in a different direction and getting involved with the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Federal Liberal Association and Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Provincial Liberal Association as Fundraising Chair, I came back to Hamilton Mountain where I started to fully grasp its incredible potential and helped raise funds for election readiness. My decision to seek Federal Liberal Nomination at Hamilton Mountain is surreal as this is where my quest for political involvement first began many years ago - it's almost like coming back home! Since I was a young girl, I never took things for granted. I always stood up to injustice and unfair situations, and I fought to make it right - I want to do the same thing for Hamilton Mountain, a riding that has been overlooked for far too long in absence of a strong voice in Ottawa. 


Given my interdisciplinary background, combined with many years of political fundraising and campaign experience, I aim to bring a real transformation and a fresh vision to Hamilton Mountain’s multifaceted development:

  • As a current academic, I see gaps between law, policy and politics. Furthermore, as an educator of undergraduate students and through my recent interactions with local students while canvassing, I understand how crucial it is to help provide local youth with employment opportunities and mental health support services 

  • Given my experience as a previous business owner in the Hamilton area and as an urban geographer with a focus on economy and environment, I bring a unique understanding of the socio-economic structure of the Mountain, especially issues faced by the low-income groups, aging population, working middle class and the small business community alike

  • Through my involvement with various grassroots’ boards, such as Neighbour to Neighbour on the Hamilton Mountain, I understand the importance of recognizing income inequalities within this riding from large commercial spaces thriving to small businesses and working class people struggling and the emerging pockets of poverty

  • Alongside this, through canvassing and dialogue within the Mountain community, I also have gained a keen insight into the needs of our senior population in areas such as mental health care, accessible transit services, affordable housing and recreational programs to combat social isolation

  • As an avid advocate for social justice with familiarity in socio-legal and policy reforms, I am aiming to seek results-driven strategies to combat these challenges facing the Mountain community

Within my platform, I aim to focus on a variety of core issues including:



I truly believe that community engagement is a key component in political success and with your support I see the chance to apply my combined multidisciplinary experience from academia, business and grassroots to help make Hamilton Mountain a stronger community where the working families, seniors, business people, people of all races, classes and gender, and people with disabilities can live equal lifestyles so no one is left behind. 

I feel incredibly passionate towards the communities and individuals who reside in this riding as I have been out for the past few months in the Hamilton Mountain area knocking on doors and having engaging conversations with numerous residents on what they feel needs to change in the community. Listening to them, bonding with them and understanding their needs helps me identify the issues making the most significant impact in this riding. As I continue knocking on more doors in the upcoming months, my platform will continue to evolve. My passion for change is fuelled by the urge to help those who are willing to speak up on the issues that matter most and it is this tremendous response from the Mountain community that has strengthened my dedication to making this riding stronger than ever before. I have always worked towards bringing positive results in every leadership role I have played in my life. With a proven track record of fundraising, partnership building, civic engagement, community organization and results-driven strategies, my goal is to create a dynamic, thriving and inclusive community by speaking up for Hamilton Mountain in Ottawa.


The potential for growth at Hamilton Mountain is unlimited, the spirit of people yearning for change is unbelievable, and the response on the doors has been outstanding. This riding deserves to reach its fullest potential and I plan on making sure this happens. It's time to bring real change to Hamilton Mountain... and I aim to be your choice for better change. I ask for your support in getting me nominated as your next Federal Liberal Candidate for Hamilton Mountain by registering here and voting for me at the Nomination Meeting - let's create a better future together.


Interview with City Matters on Cable 14

I am extremely thankful to City Matters at Cable 14 Hamilton for giving me the opportunity to talk briefly about what motivated me to run for political office, my involvement with local politics and why it’s important for me to represent Liberal Party at Hamilton Mountain!  To watch this interview, please click here.

Endorsement from Former MPP Ted McMeekin

"My friend Shubha Sandill is passionate, dedicated and a hard working individual who will be an excellent representation for Hamilton Mountain in Ottawa. I wish her good luck with her nomination!"

Twitter Updates

While out door-knocking on freezing cold days, something that kept me warm and energized was seeing the heartwarming tweets from my fellow academics which included Dr. Taima Moeke-Pickering and Dr. Sheila Meek, my colleagues from Oxford Women's Leadership Symposium at University of Oxford UK, Former Liberal MP & current Executive from Equal Voice Canada 

Eleni Bakopanos, and Wilfred Laurier Political Science Professor Loren King.




Shubha Sandill

Phone: (905) 518-9910
Email: shubha.sandill@yahoo.ca

If  you are interested in hearing more about my nomination, getting involved with my team or have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

To register as a Liberal and support my nomination:

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