Having lived in this riding for 27 years and having raised my family here, I feel incredibly passionate towards the communities and individuals who reside here and after speaking to numerous residents within the community about what they feel needs to change, I am confident that representing Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas is the perfect fit for me.


My journey with the Liberal Party began at the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Federal Liberal Association Executive Board as VP Fundraising in 2015, and it is where my passion for politics first began to thrive. Simultaneously, I was part of the Hamilton Mountain Federal Liberal Association Executive Board. I then joined the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Provincial Liberal Association as their Fundraising Chair. This is when I started to fully grasp this riding’s incredible potential and helped raise funds for election readiness in the 2018 Provincial Elections.


Given my interdisciplinary background, combined with many years of community engagement, political fundraising and campaign experience, I aim to bring a real transformation and a fresh vision to Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas' multifaceted development:

  • As a current academic, I see gaps between law, policy and politics. Furthermore, as an educator for undergraduate students and through my recent interactions with local students, I understand how crucial it is to help provide local youth with employment opportunities and mental health support services 

  • As the President for Hamilton Region Women's Liberal Association (HRWLA), I recently established a Youth Engagement Committee consisting of McMaster University students who are currently working on the topic of youth, education & mental health in the era of COVID-19

  • HRWLA also formed a Policy Committee, which is currently working on a policy focusing on improving work conditions for PSWs in home care and long-term care, and advocates for an equity, diversity and inclusion lens in all policy priorities

  • Given my experience as a previous business owner in the Hamilton area and as an urban geographer with a focus on economy and environment, I understand the socio-economic structure of this riding including the absence of support for small businesses, along with the urgent need for affordable housing, childcare and long-term care options - conditions that have been exacerbated due to the developments surrounding COVID-19

  • As a resident for 27 years, I have seen the pressing issues facing this riding up close such as preserving our parks and open green spaces, funding cuts negatively impacting our local teachers and the ever-growing need for stronger public healthcare. Furthermore, I also have gained a keen insight into the needs of our senior population in areas such as mental health care, accessible transit services, affordable housing and recreational programs to combat social isolation

  • As an avid advocate for social justice with familiarity in socio-legal and policy reforms, I am aiming to seek results-driven strategies to combat these challenges facing the riding of Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas. While my goals are centered in community partnership and inclusivity, I aim to create a stronger riding that thrives by focusing on small business growth, more investments in public health care for all, increased eco-friendly economic development, supporting our seniors and long-term care facilities during these trying times, and fighting for the rights of local teachers, students and our youth - all of which have been negatively impacted by the lack of Provincial support provided during the COVID-19 pandemic

Within my platform, I aim to focus on a variety of core issues including:

Working towards restoring funding to education and fighting for the rights of local teachers, students and our youth.


Investing in  more affordable services for seniors such as accesible transit, housing and especially long-term care options in light of the current COVID-19 crisis.



Invest in more accessible public health care options for all residents of the HWAD riding.


Better mental health care for all age groups including youth and seniors, along with all vulnerable sectors, in light of the current pandemic.


Tackling poverty and social isolation to help foster inclusivity amongst the marginalized population such as people living with disabilities, seniors, new immigrants, low-income families and single parents.



Focus on  climate action by choosing eco-friendly  and

sustainable development options while protecting our green spaces.


I truly believe that community engagement, building partnerships across the aisle and bringing a strong voice to the table are all key components in political success. With your support, I see the chance to apply my combined multidisciplinary experience from academia, business and grassroots to help make Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas a stronger community where the working families, seniors, business people, people of all races, classes and gender, and people with disabilities can live equal lifestyles so no one is left behind. 


The potential for growth in HWAD is unlimited, the spirit of people yearning for change is unbelievable, and the response from constituents has been outstanding. This riding deserves to reach its fullest potential and I plan on making sure this happens. It's time to bring real change to Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas... and I aim to be your choice for better change. I ask for your support in getting me nominated as your next Provincial Liberal Candidate for Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas by registering and voting for me at the Nomination Meeting - let's create a better future together.